Manitowoc County Forage Council Estimated Harvest Dates for Corn Silage-2019 Results

Ninth and Final  Corn Silage Maturity Report

Following is the Ninth and Final Corn Silage Maturity Report courtesy of the Manitowoc County Forage Council. 
According to reports, leaf diseases such as Northern Corn Leaf blight and Anthracnose are flaring up in most fields.  The
rate of plant dry down is increasing rapidly because of the onset of leaf diseases.
Six of the 11 fields have been chopped or are ready to be chopped when field conditions allow.   Two are scheduled to
be harvested today with the other three fields scheduled for harvest between October 12th and 16th.
Please be sure to thank the agronomists and cooperating farmers who are participating in this Manitowoc County Forage Council and Manitowoc County Extension project.
These individuals are listed below.
InDepth Agronomy-Steve Hoffman
Country Visions Cooperative-Dan Habermann
Zutz Crop Consulting-Jeff Zutz
Poplar Farms-Steve Kuenstler
Farm Cooperators:
Triple F Dairy
Divided Acres Farm
Greendale Dairy
Soaring Eagle Dairy
Hickory Grove Dairy
Hochkammer Dairy
Johnson Hill Farms
Zutz Farms
Jeff Kvitek
Hill Line Dairy
 On behalf of the Manitowoc County Forage Council Board of Directors, I hope you found the 2019 corn silage monitoring information of value.

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