Spice It Up Results!

Last year, Manitowoc County 4-H Clubs collected 87 bottles of herbs and spices to help food pantry shoppers make healthier, tastier meals.

Just so you know, the spices you donated were usually the only spices available at the pantry. We had to limit one per person. The spices were so popular, we’ve run out! Could we try it again? If you’re interested the below attachment is a “Spice It Up” poster promoting the project. Pantries can use herbs, spices, healthy oils, and vinegars (Please try to avoid glass bottles, these can make a HUGE mess if they break)

  Spice It Up poster

Thank you so much for your assistance!

For questions contact: Laura Apfelbeck, FoodWIse Coordinator- (920) 683-4170

-An example of how FoodWIse educators grouped bags of lentils with a recipe pamphlet AND (thanks to you) herbs and spices that shoppers could use to create the meal at home.


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