Small Group Meetings of 10 or Fewer

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension has announced that if a club, group or staff member would like to start holding small group gatherings (by small, they indicate 10 total people or less- Please refer to “What counts as 10 or fewer people in one location” below.

* There is an approval process for 4-H programming and meetings- a process the 4-H Youth Development Educator must follow and a process you must follow if you chose to have a meeting with your club or group member *

The process is as follows:

1) Complete the  Program Planning Checklist. You can fill it out and send it to me, or we can work together to fill it out – call me if you need help (920)242-5448.  The form is long, but it is pretty easy to fill out (it asks questions about the activity, personal protection equipment, distancing, facility, food, etc.)

2) Send the Program Planning Checklist to me via e-mail. 

3) Unless I have questions for you, I will submit the checklist to the Area 12 Extension Director.  There are four levels of approval:  County 4-H Educator, Area Extension Director Institute      Director, and Dean.  Along the way, if any of them do not approve, you will receive notice.  If they all approve, will receive notification that your 4-H program or meeting can move forward. The process actually moves forward fairly quickly if the form is filled out correctly, however please plan ahead and give about one week for the approval process.

4) Your group will be required to follow all of the guidelines (Program Planning Guidance Addendum).  If, at any time, things change and you no longer wish to conduct the programming or meeting, just simply let our office know. 

5)   After the program is completed submit a Post Program Contact Log, either to me via e-mail or to the office (drop off or mail)

July 15 is the first time we will begin to have small group gatherings.  I have no idea when that number will be raised above 10, but my inclination is that it will slowly move up.  Our Dean and Director of the University of Wisconsin – Madison Division of Extension  has said it is not going to be a light switch…we will move up in numbers slowly and incrementally.  I anticipate this process being around for a while, and used when we are able to do larger meetings as well

These are challenging times.  We receive information weekly from our Dean and Director as well as the State 4-H Leadership Team when they update the COVID-19 FAQ document.  For the most up to date information, please check out the latest version


What counts as 10 or fewer people in one location?

 10 people including adults is a “small group”.  Multiple small groups may meet in a large location where the groups can remain separated and physically distant.

 Examples may include:

Multiple spaces in the same venue such as a school, library or community center could be part of a program plan where groups would remain separated and physically distant throughout the event. Plans should include how young people will access the unique spaces without congregating, and logistics around parking, drop-off and pick-ups.

 A park with several groups of 10, each with separate volunteer/staff with proper cleaning between groups. The groups could rotate between activities, or facilitators of activities could rotate between groups to offer a safer experience. It will be important to ensure the space also allows for physical distancing between other park attendees.



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