American Heart Association to host a HeartCorps position at Extension Manitowoc County

Manitowoc Extension is partnering with American Heart Association to host a HeartCorps position at Extension.  HeartCorps is the American Heart Association version of AmeriCorps.  This is an 11-month position with pay and tuition stipend.  Details here

  • The position will work with UW-Extension, the Manitowoc County Health Department (and potentially other partners) help lead work on nutrition, self-measured blood pressure and more.  (Here is the job description for the same role in W. Wisconsin)
  • The full-time position will start January 23rd and run through about the end of September.
  • Members will receive:
    • A living allowance equating to $15/hr
    • A $6500 educational stipend upon completion (transferable to family members)
    • Access to health, vision, and dental insurance if not otherwise covered
    • Laptop, uniforms, and extensive professional development training

Ideal candidates could include:

  • Recent high school/college grads especially those interested in “public health”
  • Individuals looking for a career change or wanting to reenter the workforce
  • An “early” retiree (teacher, firefighter, or whomever) who wants to give back while being compensated for it.

Because the position will require a federal background check, we need to receive interested applications ASAP (by about 1/9 at the latest).

The easiest way for someone to apply is to email their resume and geographic preference(s) to Copy Tim and Laura on that message so that we can assist/ensure things keep moving.  

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