June 2, 2021

Wisconsin 4-H COVID-19 Policy

Effective June 2, all fully vaccinated Wisconsin 4-H staff, volunteers and participants are no longer required to wear masks during programs. We ask that individuals who are not fully vaccinated, including youth under 12, continue to wear masks. Staff and volunteers will not enforce mask wearing or ask for proof of vaccination for those not wearing masks. Masks may still be worn if preferred and individual masking choices should not be interpreted as an indicator of vaccination status.

  • Outdoors: Physical distancing is no longer required outdoors for vaccinated people. Individuals who are not vaccinated should maintain a 6 feet of physical distancing and , if physical distancing is not possible, wear a face covering.

  • Indoors: There are no group size limits on outdoor gatherings as long as a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing is able to be maintained, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Transportation: Any individual who is not vaccinated should wear a face covering when driving or riding with others. Vehicle occupancy is recommended to be no more that 50 percent of capacity when travelling with an unvaccinated individual (s).

This updated policy applies to all Wisconsin 4-H programs including overnight programs, 4-H programs at county fairs and food stands.

As a reminder, Wisconsin 4-H staff, volunteers and participants should continue to follow your local public health guidance.


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