You may have to get up at the CRACK of dawn to work through these Eggs-cellent activities.  You will be Eggs-hausted by the time you’re done.  But don’t be afraid; you don’t want to be Chicken.

See attached sheet for a list of materials needed for each session.  The activities are meant to be interactive and hands-on.  We do have popsicle sticks and plastic eggs available for pick-up at the Extension office.  The Extension office is open 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

Hosted by Star Splitters and Liberty Go-Getters 4-H Clubs.

Eggs-travaganza Descriptions with Material List


Egg Engineering

Can you build a tower with eggs?

Or would you rather catapult an egg against that tower?


Go here to get the PowerPoint:  Squishy Egg Demo and here to get the Info Sheet:  Dissolving Eggs Info Sheet

Egg Handling

Imagine holding a raw egg in your hand without a shell, like a squishy ball. How can that be? Come to this 4-H activity to find out and try it!


Go here to get the PowerPoint:  Egg Drop Experiment

“Houston, we have an egg problem here.”

This experiment will test your engineering skills.  Design a capsule to protect a raw egg from cracking on impact by insulating it or slowing it’s decent. With each run, make edits to your capsule to improve your design. Get ready to test your creativity and knowledge, this is going to be egg-citing!

High School

Go here to get the PowerPoint for Part I:  Experimenting With Osmosis Through Eggs

You will be assimilated.

Can eggs prove osmosis? The activity Experimenting With Osmosis Through Eggs is meant to help show high school students in 4-H how osmosis works. We will begin by creating a naked egg and then placing the egg into water then corn syrup to see how it will react. I hope to see you there!


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