Statistics for Manitowoc County

The 4-H and Youth Program in Manitowoc County is designed for the purposes of helping young people grow and learn and acquire life and leadership skills that will help them contribute to the communities they live in. The 4-H Program is one very effective method of developing assets in young people. These assets can be seen in the responsibilities they take and the skills they demonstrate. Adult volunteers and 4-H leaders alike dedicate themselves to providing opportunities for youth, and through their guidance enable these young people to do projects and services that are valuable to preparing them for the future.

In 2016-2017, 496 4-H members in grades K – Post H.S. were involved in 20 community clubs throughout Manitowoc County. Over 174 adult and 45 youth volunteers worked with 4-H members as main club leaders, project leaders, and activity and event organizers.

Youth participating in 4-H by place of residence:

  • Farm: 159 = 32%
  • Town under 10,000: 263 = 53%
  • Town 10,000 – 50,000: 72 = 14.5%
  • Towns 50,000+: 2 = <0.5%

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