Milk Disposal

Webinar -April 7, 2020 Considerations for Landspreading Milk

Emergency Disposal of Milk for Dairy Farms During the Covid-19 Public Health Emergency

COVID-19 Dept. of Natural Resources  Milk Disposal

Feeding Unpasteurized Milk to the Dairy Herd

In cases where a dairy producer is unable to ship their milk to a processor,
this factsheet is designed to provide general information regarding the potential feeding
of unpasteurized milk to the dairy herd. Before feeding unpasteurized milk,
consult with your nutritionist and veterinarian or your local extension

Feeding Unpasteurized Milk to the Dairy Herd

Considerations When Land Spreading Milk or Manure/Milk Mixtures

Considerations for Land spreading of Milk

UW-Landspreading Milk Considerations 2020

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