Are you prepared for canning season?

Where can I go in my county for pressure canner dial gauge testing? The Extension HEAL website has a link to counties that provide pressure canner dial gauge testing. Where can I go for up-to-date food preservation information?  

Wise WI Spring Series-Decluttering: What do I do with all my stuff?

Spring is a time when many of us decide to clean our homes and sort through our “stuff” that’s accumulated over the years. In today’s edition of our Wise Wisconsin Spring Series, join Extension educators Jane Jensen, Ruth Schriefer and Karen Dickrell as they talk about the process of sorting through important materials and papers […]

Establish a Bee Lawn

This free online program focuses on the research and practical methods behind bee lawns. Topics include optimal timing for planting, whether to overseed an existing lawn or start from scratch, and other establishment practices. Learn recommendations for different sites and information about purchasing pre-made bee lawn mixes or mixing your own. This webinar is a […]

What’s the Deal With No Mow May?

Have you heard of “No Mow May”? While it has become a catchy phrase that encourages homeowners to pause lawn mowing during May, does this practice actually support pollinators? Join us for a discussion with our panel of experts from UW-Madison to find out! We will discuss how an unmowed lawn impacts (or may impact) […]

Understanding the Emerald Ash Borer

Join the director of the UW Insect Diagnostic Lab for an informative presentation on Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in Wisconsin. Learn how to identify ash trees, recognize the signs and symptoms of EAB, and understand the biology of this invasive insect. We’ll also discuss what to do when EAB affects your trees and the strengths […]

Strength Over Addiction Recovery (SOAR) Workshop

To submit a referral you can complete an online referral form here. Or as always, you can call our provider line 800-767-4411 Option 2 to speak with a member of our patient access team. Additionally, your patients can contact us 24/7 via phone at 800-767-4411. Thank you for considering a referral to Rogers Behavioral Health.

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