Wisconsin 4-H Key Award

The Wisconsin 4-H Key Award Program recognizes a select group of 4-H participants who have demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H involvement, developed and applied leadership skills, and actively participated in the functions of their 4-H club and community. To be eligible, candidates must be in 9th grade or above and must have completed at least three years of 4-H and one year of youth leadership. The quota of award recipients is determined by county 4-H enrollment of youth ages 14 years and older.

Member Evaluation Form

4-H Award Nominations and Community Service Award

Any 4-H member, parent, or leader can nominate an individual, organization, or business to be recognized for their service or support of the 4-H program. Who in the 4-H program or in the community has been valuable to you or your club?

Awards Nomination Form – 2020

4-H County S.T.A.R. Award

S.T.A.R. stands for Secretary, Treasurer and Reporter. It is at the discretion of the Main Leader as to the date he/she sets for STAR Award books to be turned into them. The Secretary’s, Treasurer’s and Reporter’s books are evaluated separately. (This means your club does not have to turn in all three books to apply for this award.) Books can be turned in individually or as a club. There are no interviews for this award.   It is based upon completion of the book*

* Do not include pictures, clippings and certificates in the secretary’s book but do include them in the reporter’s book (scrapbook).

* A fillable Record Book and Cloverbud Book, along with Scrapbook Guidelines can be located under Forms on our website

2019-2020 STAR Award Submission form

4-H Disc Information

4-H Award Plaque Order form

  • Order form for new and additional plaques to place the discs on.

4-H Club Achievement Disc Order form 2020

  • Discs for Clover buds, 5th year member, President etc.

4-H Club Leaders High Achievement Disc Order form 2020

  • Discs for completing of projects.

4-H Leaders Board Disc Order form 2020

  • Discs that are the 4-H Leaders Board is responsibility to purchase for youth.
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