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Our Manitowoc County StrongBodies Facilitators

Jace Purdy

Jace Purdy, FoodWIse Nutrition Educator
(920) 683-4175

Krystina Yang

Krystina Yang, Bilingual FoodWIse Nutrition Educator
(920) 683-4171

Mariah Broehm

Mariah Broehm, HeartCorps Service Member
(920) 683-4170

Tami Skrepenski, HeartCorps Service Member
Southfield Learning Center
(920) 717-0158

Teri Halvorsen, StrongBodies Volunteer
(920) 683-4170

Opportunities to participate in live virtual sessions

To get more information about the class or register, please call UW Extension office at 920-683-4167.

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